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We're Team Arcadia!



Veteran Builder & Team Leader


My name is Steun, Webdeveloper and webdesigner, and professional Minecraft builder. I’ve been in the Minecraft community for over 7,5 years. I started playing Minecraft with some friends, and it soon grew out to be a big part of my life. It started with hosting my own servers, then making adventure maps, and making Timelapses on Youtube. It was around that time that I joined the Dungeon Realms build team. Dungeon Realms was still in pre-alpha stage and the whole world still had to be developed. I met a lot of great people there and some of them are in this team! Now I'm working with talented others to create worlds and maps for popular servers such as CosmicPVP and many others!



Veteran Builder

Im what you would call a longtimer - been doing this since 2011, who knew that time flies so quickly? I've been apart of many large projects and racked up a lot of experience in the process. I pride myself in delivering exactly what the client wants and always on time.




My name is Abig, and i've been playing minecraft since beta 1.2, about 4 years ago. I started building with some IRL friends, and from then on devoted myself to becoming the best builder I can be, joining a couple different build servers, and finally ending up on Team Arcadia, where I hope to refine my building skills even more.




professional and dedicated builder, with years of experience in-game. best at structures and terraforming.




My name is Mart and I have been playing minecraft since the Alpha stage. About a year ago I got inspired to build, from there I started to work on improving my building skills. when I saw that I was quite good at placing blocks, I started applying on forums to be a builder. There Steun saw my work and asked me to join this build team, and that's how I ended up here.




Hello! My name is Naarek, I've been playing Minecraft since 2013, building really interested me and it was my main interest in the game . I decided to join TeamArcadia since they are one amazing buildteam. My strengths are terrain and structures, but im not so good at organics.


Who are we?

Team Arcadia is a talented group of individuals who strive for the best. We create our builds according to your ideas and theme, and have experience in many building styles. We don't stop until both parties are completely statisfied.

6+ years of experience

We have over 7 years worth of experience with designing and developing rich and detailed minecraft worlds. We provide builds with a focus on details, well-thought-out design and plenty of content. We work closely with famous YouTube content creators and industry leading servers like Vikkstar123, PrestonPlays, Lachlan, Cosmic PvP, and CosmicSky.

We build anything

From server spawns and warzones, to minigames and custom gamemodes. We create our builds according to any preferred lore and make sure every inch is beautiful and full of detail. Interesting ideas? Send us a message and we will respond shortly.


In our portfolio, you will find many of our unique creations. We strive to create content that is best suited for our clients and our clients' players.

What people say about us:



Ex Owner of Dungeon Realms

"This is one of the best teams out there. They develop great worlds with amazing details."


System Admin, Compilex LLC.

"Incredibly fast, friendly and always available. My #1 source for quality builds."


Owner of StraightFrozenDust

"The commission met and exceeded all of my expectations. They delivered quickly to an affordable price!"


Project Manager, CosmicPvP & Compilex LLC

"My "go to" team. Top quality, detailed and expedient. Always my first pick when I need something done!"

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